Some Inspiring Flooring Ideas and Facts
September 8, 2017
New home buyers are quite anxious about their building elevations. Quite rightly so, as it concerns the overall look of the building in addition to the architectural finery surrounding it. Everyone would like to have an aesthetically appealing house front elevation design that is not only practical but also is optimized to the vagaries of nature. And everyone would love to live in a residential space that has social appeal, is lovable in looks and design in addition to adding luxurious touch to the address.

Hence building front elevations hold a very high importance as they are going to be doing their job for atleast the next 50 years, if not more.

So What's The Future Of Building Elevations

Climate change - With rising temperatures, rising sea levels, increasing vagaries of nature, this is going to be one major deciding factor in the the future of building elevations

Self repairing houses - What makes 3D printing technology so lucrative to businesses of all shapes and sizes. One major reason is the flexibility it allows them to print anything they wish to on site... And this is a big reason why top architects and building contractors are excited about 3D printing for Self repairing houses of the future. Consider the following developments in the self-healing space for building front elevations:

Self-healing concrete technology is already there
3D printers can now tweak product design as per customer's needs
High-rise vertical farms - A number of urban addresses are already exploring this concept along with rooftop organic farming. With growing need for space and healthy food, vertical high-rise farms that harness existing natural energy sources, keep home interiors cool and dramatically transform urban skylines can be a surety in the coming 50 years.

Stackable living pods - Consider the rising threat from hurricanes and storms. In the near future, new house construction projects may incorporate higher platforms for living while leaving the lower spaces for parking. And with new technology, like 3D printing, architects may add plug and play format of stackable living pods on top of these buildings for future expansion.

Front Elevation Of Indian Houses

Given the rapid advancements in building construction materials and architectural designing space, the future of building front elevation designs are expected to be dramatic and mesmerizing. As the human community tries to adjust and adapt to the increasingly menacing natural calamities arising from global warming and other man-made disasters, it is only imperative that building elevation designs adapt equally well to the new requirements.

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