Our design services varies greatly from client to client, but each project is envisaged and the final product is delivered through the following stages.
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Our belief in sustainability shapes all our projects. It is not treated as a layer of applied technology on building systems but forms the very basis of our design. Our endeavour is to design in a manner that reduces consumption of resources and energy. All of our buildings seek a strong relationship between the inside and outside; we create overlaps as much as possible. This comes from a viewpoint of pure sustainability and consciousness of the external environment.

We understand that we are often working in an environment with limited resources. Our approach to creativity is inspired by the evolutionary processes in nature and our belief in sustainability shapes all our projects and forms the consistent theme in our designs. We deploy passive strategies by responding to the local climate and ecology and address comfort, safety, livability parameters and are mindful that projects remain economically viable and globally pertinent.

Architecturally we celebrate identity and diversity versus visual homogeneity. We think of our buildings and cities as Bazaars, places of human interaction along with being places of human habitation. It is this all-inclusive nature of design with a unique focus on passive and low energy architecture that we believe in as being the new emergent Indian architecture.

The end-user always sits at the centre of our design process. We consider mobility, security, outdoor comfort, technology, health and well-being, ease of facility management and disaster readiness to create spaces that work equally well for all users.

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